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Basic information
Seeking: Male
Age: 32
Birthday: 1985-03-25
Horoscope: Aries
Location: No answer
Language: 简体中文
Height: 161 - 170 cm (5'2" - 5'6")
Weight: 41 - 50 kg (90 - 110 pounds)
Sexual Orientation: straight
Yearly income: $45,000 to $60,000
Relationship Status: single
Purpose: Serious relationship

interested in everything
About me

My name is Wenhui, 168 cm, 47 kg, living in Nanjing, my career is the mall shopping guide, usually I like to travel, because my family is very wealthy, so I have the time and money to play, I don't like the rich kids, and the handsome men are always unreliable, I am not going to find a man who loves me so much that he can die for me, but to find someone can accompany me for a lifetime and live a simple life with me, at ordinary times I like swimming very much, so I put this picture as my head portrait, if you are interesting in me, please write back, feelings always need active, if you like girls who are active and bold, hei! You have found me!